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This website is owned and managed by Fr Achilles Kiwanuka Machumilane, a priest of Bukoba Diocese in Tanzania. Jesus tells us that He came so that we may have life and have it to the full, “NIMEKUJA ILI WAWE NA UZIMA” (Jn 10:10). I believe that every person has a call and duty to continue this Mission until Jesus comes again.

This site therefore, is my contribution to providing  pastures for ALL TO HAVE LIFE AND HAVE IT TO THE FULL(Jn 10:10).

I also understand that “TO HAVE LIFE” pertains to both spiritual and material well being of the human person holistically. However, in our societies there are those who are less privileged, especially ORPHANS, when it comes to material well being. They need assistance. 

Therefore, this website ‘Wawe na Uzima’ is meant to be a forum to bring together well wishers to contribute and assist me in realizing my dream “TO PUT UP A SCHOOL THAT WILL OFFER FREE EDUCATION TO THE POOR ORPHANS” so that they may also HAVE LIFE AND HAVE IT TO THE FULL(Jn 10:10). Read more…

My  Sermon

Utatu Mtakatifu Mfano wa Umoja wa Kifamilia



Wapendwa Wanafamilia ya Mungu,

Leo tunaadhimisha fumbo kubwa sana katika imani yetu, FUMBO LA UTATU MTAKATIFU. Tunaadhimisha fumbo la imani yetu kuwa MUNGU NI MMOJA KATIKA NAFSI TATU, MUNGU BABA, MUNGU MWANA NA MUNGU ROHO MTAKATIFU. Tumwombe Mungu azibariki familia zetu ili tuwe na umoja kama wao walivyo na umoja katika familia ya mbinguni.Endelea….

Jumapili ya Utatu Mtakatifu


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Pope’s Letter on the Year of Mercy


Pope’s prayer intention for the month of April

“Focus on Small Farmers”.

diabolic attack

Pope Francis condemns “diabolic” attack on Missionaries of Charity in Yemen

Pope Francis was “shocked and profoundly saddened” by the murder of four Missionaries of Charity and twelve other people at a home for the elderly in Aden, Yemen.

4 Responses to “Home”

  • Remmy katundu:

    indeed to every situation GOD has something to say,no matter what.we love you much fr,Achilles may GOD bless you, am hopeful today,with your words people have known real ways of the future,be blessed.

  • Mildred Shivachi:

    Fr. Achillies I have read last Sunday’s sermon and have really loved it. I had never thought much of the 11th hour until I perused your sermon.You have simplified it and made it fit in our day to day’s life.
    More so in our work places.
    God Bless You as you continue inspiring us. May you inspire even the non Christians.

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